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Lameness Examinations


This hands-on evaluation of the horse is the cornerstone of the practice. Starting in the horse’s stall, we listen to the horse's history and perform a thorough exam of the whole horse, focusing on various structures depending on the presenting complaint. The horse is then taken out for the moving part of the exam. Each horse is lunged on soft and hard surfaces. There is also a covered outdoor arena, so if your horse’s lameness is better viewed under saddle please bring your tack and a helmet. Flexion tests are then performed. We evaluate the horse's response to flexions both passively (how they feel while we are performing the flexion) and actively (how they move after the flexion is done), Once the soundness evaluation is completed, a plan for further diagnostics or treatment is developed with owner/ rider/ trainer involvement. 





Pre - Purchase Examinations


A pre-purchase exam (PPE) is an overall evaluation of the horse's current health, fitness and soundness at that time. There are many factors that go into a PPE pending the horse's history, clinical concerns post exam and specific buyer concerns. Radiographs are often done, a complete set or just regions of concern can be imaged pending the buyer's preference. Blood work is also commonly done, most often a Coggins (EIA) test. Other options include a drug screen, and/or a general chemistry / CBC to evaluate organ function and blood cell values to have a baseline on the horse. 



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