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Laser Therapy


The FP4 system is a high power therapeutic laser, putting it in a completely different class from conventional laser therapy.  Protocols are designed for each patient and each unique injury.  The simultaneous use of the four patented laser wavelengths allow for depth of penetration without thermal damage to the skin.  Wavelength is the prime determinant of tissue penetration and cellular absorption.  Proven effects of FP4 laser therapy include analgesia, reduced inflammation, improved circulation and reduction of swelling, reduction of scar tissue and biostimulation.  Biostimulation involves the regeneration of healthy tissue at a cellular level.  Unique features of the FP4 system allow its use in acute as well as chronic injury.

The FP4 system probe

Horse getting treated with FP4 laser

There are also a few hand held, less powerful lasers available for rental through the clinic. These are helpful for horses with minor injuries or swellings because you can take them home and use them daily on your horse with a protocol determined on of our veterinarians.  




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