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Leaders in Equine Athletic Health

NWEP is located 24 miles south of Portland, OR just off Highway 213.  


The main barn has 10 stalls with a treatment area, doctor's offices and a client lounge. 


Our diagnostic building houses our in house radiology and ultrasound machines, a standing Hallmarq MRI, and a nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan) machine. It also holds a small lab for various therapy processing (platelet rich plasma processing, etc). We often treat horses within this barn when procedures call for radiograph or ultrasound guidance. The office is also in this building and is where you will check in upon arrival to the clinic. 


We also have an outdoor round pen and an expansive outdoor arena. The arena is very helpful when horses come into the clinic with a lameness issue that is more visible when the horse is ridden. This allows us to see the horse under tack and diagnose issues that may not be seen otherwise. 


The two veterinary trucks can be found traveling locally around Portland and surrounding areas throughout the week. See map below for our typical farm call radius. If your barn is not within the radius, don't worry, just call our office and it is likely we can travel out to see you and your horse. If, for some reason we cannot, we will be happy to recommend a veterinarian in your area.  


We also travel regionally to the surrounding areas of Bend, Eugene and Seattle as needed.


During horse show season we can be found all over Oregon, Washington and California treating horses.



NWEP farm call radius map. Farm call prices vary depending on the distance traveled and the number of horses seen per location. Please call the office for more information.
(503) 632. 9151
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