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On April 20-22, 2017 Northwest Equine Performance hosted the 3rd High Performance Sports Medicine meeting in cooperation with the US Equestrian Federation

The goal of this meeting was to provide veterinarians, physiotherapist, farriers and grooms with the most current practices in both the equine and human sports medicine fields. During the meeting, we combined the best of the best in all those various professions, in both the human and equine fields, and discussed the elite equestrian athlete and what are the most current and effective therapies for maximizing performance and enhancing the longevity of our patients. 

The Revenaugh family visited Ethiopia in March

Dr. Revenaugh and his family spent their Spring Break in Ethiopia, where they helped out at an orphanage called Urayadi's Village http://www.uryadisvillage.org/our-story/ The Revenaugh's also gave veterinary care and love to the working donkeys. These pictures show a whole new meaning of a hard working horse. We would encourage you to find out more about Uryadi's Village and support them in their mission to improve lives of young children. 


Dr. Rachel Buchholz was a speaker at the

3rd Annual Hallmarq MRI North Americal Clinical Users Meeting

in San Juan, Puerto Rico in October 2016. This meeting combines standing MRI clinicians from North America and Europe to discuss the advances in MRI and how we interpret the images. She gave a presentation titled 'Clinically Misleading Cases' 

Dr. Rachel Gottlieb was an instructor at a VetPD course in Stillwater, MN

Held at Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic. During this 2-day course she taught ultrasound aquisition techniques and interpretation to equine veterinarians. She focused on the withers/ back and the neck/ poll regions during her ultrasound teaching sessions. 

Dr. Mark Revenaugh attended the 3rd Intenational Advanced Sports Orthopaedics Meeting

in Tarquinia, Italy in September 2016

This meeting compares the experiences of Doctors and Veterinarians on the subject of sports orthopaedics in the elite athlete, with an emphasis on practical aspects in both human and equine medicine. 










NWEP hosted the second annual 

High Performance Sports Medicine Meeting

in partnership with the 

USEF High Performance Sports Medicine Group

June 4-6, 2015

The meeting was a great success combining the knowlegde of many of the top equine veterinarians in the world with a variety of other sports medicine specialists in both equine and human medicine to see what we can learn from each other. 


Thank you to our clients for understanding how busy we were during this time and for working with us to make this great meeting a reality!