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Leaders in Equine Athletic Health

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We are an equine veterinary clinic focused exclusively on sports medicine & lameness

Northwest Equine Performance (NWEP) is an equine sports medicine clinic and advanced diagnostic imaging center located in Mulino, Oregon. Our knowledgable veterinarians evaluate the whole horse, not just the suspected injury, when developing a treatment and rehabilitation program for your horse. We work very closely with owners and trainers to assess the horse throughout the recovery period and provide detailed rehabilitation protocols specifically designed for each horse individually, not just the injury in general. The advanced diagnostic center includes radiography, ultrasound, CURO, upper airway endoscopy, nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan) and a standing MRI. We have the ability to combine our detailed lameness exams with whatever diagnostic imaging necessary to find you an answer. We also offer the best and most up to date treatment options available in equine sports medicine today. We pride ourselves on being informed and involved in the constantly changing field of orthobiologics and regenerative medicine. Our veterinarians work closely with human orthopedic and regenerative medicine specialists to provide you with the best treatment options available for your horse. The end result is a unique approach to each case, allowing flexibility to meet the specific needs of each horse and rider team. Let our team help keep your team in the game! 





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