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Northwest Equine Performance
25230 S. Eldorado Rd.
Mulino OR, 97042
Phone: 503.632.9151
Fax: 503.632.9152
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Welcome To Northwest Equine Performance

Call us at (503) 632-9151

Northwest Equine Performance was founded in 2002 when Dr. Mark Revenaugh moved to Portland, Oregon from Gladstone, New Jersey where he worked at B.W. Furlong & Associates. The idea of moving west was to create a unique, leading-edge equine practice, which focused exclusively on lameness and performance horse issues. Atypical sport horse problems are also addressed; this includes stomach ulcers, saddle fit, foot problems and neurological issues.

Unlike many equine veterinary practices, Northwest Equine Performance does not provide preventative care, medical/surgical care or any after-hours/emergency care of horses. By narrowing the scope of the practice, we aspire to provide an exceptional quality of care, and continue to be leaders in the field of equine sports medicine.

Northwest Equine Performance tries to combine a large dose of common sense practical horsemanship with state of the art diagnostic imaging and therapeutic technologies. The end result is a unique approach to each case, allowing flexibility to meet the specific needs of each individual horse and owner.

We believe that client satisfaction should speak for itself. We see the practice as constantly evolving, always changing and improving with the advances in medicine. We are a small group of hard working people who genuinely care about the horses and their owners.

For an appointment please call our office at 503.632.9151. If you have any questions call us or email us at info@equinepi.com.



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